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Book jacket description of THE LUCKIEST UNLUCKY MAN ALIVE

It's not "he who dies with the most toys wins" but instead "he who dies with the most joys…or laughs…wins." 

It's Family…Friends…Faith…Fun… and a keen Focus on the whole damn ball of wax that brings happiness and meaning to our lives. It's the Five Fs of Fulfillment. 

A bizarre near-drowning experience as a boy sets the stage for the rest of Bill's life as he finds himself hilariously struggling to stay above water. It's his tenacity, perseverance, and constant search for the humor in every life-threatening crisis that makes his story so enjoyable and his perspective so unique. 

The ultimate multiple near-deather, you will be fascinated by Bill's many challenging misadventures around the world --- at the wrong end of guns and high explosives, in underground cave-ins, car and plane smash-ups --- right through to his greatest challenge --- a challenge all of us will someday face either directly or indirectly --- the prevention, treatment and survival of cancer. 

At age 38 --- after struggling for years to finally achieve his dream of breaking the sound-barrier at the controls of a U.S. Navy fighter jet --- a doctor diagnosed a small bump on Bill's left ear as a harmless fatty cyst. 

How this bump --- later discovered to be caused by the sun and one of the world's deadliest forms of cancer --- drastically alters Bill's life, will inspire you with insights on how you too can supercharge your immune system, you too can supercharge your human spirit, you too can meet the cancer challenge --- or any other challenge --- head-on, if you really want to. 

Now adapted into a full-feature screenplay, take a wild ride with Bill and his beautiful wife as this former garbage man turned Navy pilot overcomes the odds to become THE LUCKIEST UNLUCKY MAN ALIVE.

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