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Seven Inspirational Keynote Speaking Topics For You & Your Organization:

Bill Goss can customize the contents of his keynote address to your audiences wants and needs.  He specializes in conveying to your specific audience how lucky they really are — and how lucky they are to be a part of your fine organization.  Usually he is asked to speak for 30-60 minutes, but, again, he will be happy to customize his talk to give your clients exactly what they want.


1.  Aim High --- And --- No Matter What Happens to You --- Keep Aiming High!
Always Aim High.  And always use your organization's setbacks to make you and your organization stronger.  Bill Goss, through his many unique and  life-threatening experiences, speaks with authority on "surviving" and "making it back more than whole" from near-death occurrences and great personal and professional challenges. Bill shows us how we can do more than just survive, we can THRIVE in spite of real-life setbacks, and how it is a matter of attitude and inner strength which we can all call upon in times of emergency. In no uncertain terms, he will show you how to do that!

2.  The 5 Fs of Fulfillment: Family, Friends, Faith, Focus & Fun
An award-winning Navy pilot and survivor of an extremely deadly form of cancer caused by the sun, Bill Goss shares with you how a simple memory aid on the end of your hand holds the secrets to personal and professional fulfillment.  Learned while his brain was getting scanned for cancer, Bill coined the Five Fs of Fulfillment --- Family, Friends, Faith, Focus and Fun --- and he'll share with you how to use them as a tool everyday to overcome our life's greatest challenges.

3.  Using Adversity to Your Advantage
Let's get something straight.  Adversity isn't bad for you.  It's good for you.  Let Bill Goss show you from his own true life misadventures how he took every unlucky break and turned it into something very lucky --- and how you can too!  You won't believe what perseverance, a sense of humor, and an unrelenting belief that everything will eventually turn out okay in the long run, can do for you both at work and at home, if you just give it a try.


4.  Supercharge Your Human Spirit To Not Only Survive, But Thrive!
Bill Goss --- along with many of the leading medical doctors and experts on success --- is convinced that our human spirit holds the keys to our level of achievement, our happiness and our overall wellness.  Learn the secrets to supercharging your human spirit so that your immune system is supercharged as well.  And your supercharged human spirit will not only greatly enrich your own life, but the lives of everyone around you.  It is the only way to truly enjoy your life 24/7.

5.  Finding Balance and Fulfillment in Your Home and at Work
How do you do it all?  Well, maybe you can't.  But maybe you don't need to do it ALL.  However you can certainly find a balance in what is important to you, your family, and your boss.  Bill Goss will show you the ways to achieve greater balance in the workplace and at home, by achieving greater personal and professional fulfillment in all areas of your life.

6.  The Adversity Within Diversity
Let's be honest.  Achieving great diversity often does not come without problems.  Sometimes big problems.  Sometimes huge problems.  But these problems and struggles are oftentimes things that can help to further enrich the organization.  Bill Goss uses illustrations from his own past to stress how human diversity time and time again has helped him succeed and achieve.  Bill's story will cause you to reflect on how many times and in how many different ways diversity helped to make you mentally and physically stronger, wiser, and more ready for the future challenges that are always waiting for you down the road.


7.  Post-Traumatic Growth and Resilience: How High Do YOU Bounce... And Do You Bounce Forward?
Bill Goss bounces high.  Real high.  And he bounces forward too.  From cave-ins 5000 feet underground, to plane crashes, to breaking the sound-barrier, to getting struck by a speeding out-of-control hotrod and getting knocked 45 feet through the air, to even being told you have 6 months to live from a deadly form of cancer caused by the sun, go ahead just throw it at him, and watch him turn something awful and unlucky into something positive and very very lucky EVERY TIME.  You can do the same, if you learn from the master.  In every case, a setback is merely a setup for a comeback.  In today's business environment, learning the art of resilience is the one area in which everyone should become more savvy.  Not only because it is critical to your survival both in your personal and professional life, but because it is fun.

Bill Goss speaking in Orlando
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