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Bill Goss

What People are Saying...


 "The Unconventional Wisdom Winner is Bill Goss."- The Washington Post

"Not everyone can overcome the odds, but those that do, do it the Goss way. Count me as a big fan of Goss’ spirit and determination." 
- Sam Donaldson
ABC News

"Cancer, mine cave-ins, automobile and airplane smash-ups, a near-drowning in a bathroom sink --- why is it that Bill Goss’ life seems like so much fun? Written by the survivor of more crack-ups than Evel Knievel, THE LUCKIEST UNLUCKY MAN ALIVE is a work of extreme exuberance… it’ll give you an old-fashioned contact high!" 
- Will Blythe
Literary Editor, ESQUIRE Magazine

“Bill, I’m looking forward to reading The Luckiest Unlucky Man Alive.  Glad I was able to get you and your friends out of the bad thunderstorm in Augusta in April.  I am very happy you survived your bout with cancer and are doing well.  We are some of the lucky ones.  Keep wearing the green!”
— Arnold Palmer

"This book is one big Chicken Soup For The Soul story. It made me laugh , cry, and think more deeply about this precious thing we call life. 
I highly recommend it."
- Jack Canfield, Co-author 
Chicken Soup For The Soul
#1 New York Times Bestseller

"In the book, There's a Flying Squirrel In My Coffee, Bill Goss pokes fun at himself and has such an infectious love of flying and animals that readers will inevitably root for him to beat every obstacle in his path."
--- Publishers Weekly

"In solid homespun prose, inspirational speaker and melanoma survivor Bill Goss offers wisdom gleaned from his battle against cancer....advice of enduring quality."
--- Kirkus Reviews

"If a cat has nine lives, Bill Goss must be a jaguar. What an AWESOME story!"
- Rudy Ruettiger 
Notre Dame football inspiration
 for blockbuster movie, RUDY

The Luckiest Unlucky Man Alive is generous and exuberant, thoughtful and outrageous -- all at the same time. Your stories prompted retelling and that is the most flattering of all compliments. 
Your philosophy of life is appealing, and frankly, surprising. How wonderful. I have always believed professional pilots to be full of themselves to the point of idiocy, bigoted by pomp, and, of course, warmongers. Your book has successfully exposed to me my own narrow-mindedness. I thank you as a reader and congratulate you as a writer." 
- Heather Shaw Cauchy, Professor / U of Michigan 

"Through Bill’s book and his work with domestic violence victims, we get a feel for his strength, his perseverance and his respect for women." 
- Ellen Siler, Quigley House 
A shelter for victims of domestic violence

- Dave and Geri, Rock 95.7 Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Goss teaches us that no matter how heavy the burden, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel." 
- Kimberley Lode, Producer WPOP Radio,
Hartford, CT

"The book hits home with those of us who spent a lot of time in the sun. I am already beginning to pay for my many days as a teenager without a hat or sunscreen. I am much more educated about melanoma than before I read your book." 
- Tom Fleming, U.S. Navy Captain (Ret)

"Bill, you helped shape one of the most inspirational and enlightening programs I have ever done. I have interviewed thousands of guests and have rarely connected to anyone in such a short period of time. You are a special blend of human being and human spirit…" 
- Tony Trupiano, Morning Talk Show Host 

"Bill Goss’ story teaches us that, to truly feel lucky, you must first experience being unlucky." 
- Kevin Baker, WPYX , FM Morning Show, New York 

"If Goss’ many dances with death in the past seem miraculous his next would be his narrowest escape ever. Just weeks after returning from an exhilarating flight breaking the sound barrier, Lt. Commander William Goss would look closer into the face of death than ever before. Dr. Eric Weiss of the Jacksonville Naval Hospital says Goss was facing astronomical odds.  There’s no surprise that there’s even talk of turning his story into a movie. I would think Hollywood’s biggest stars would be jumping for that one --- ABSOLUTELY!!! 
- Phil Shuman/Libby Weaver, EXTRA! TV News Magazine

"A wonderful and inspiring speech. You're a keynote speaker for any organization." 
- Mariners Group

"Your sense of humor, after all the obstacles in your life, made everyone take a look at how lucky they are."
- Kiwanis Club

Your life story was the perfect after dinner keynote address --- hilarious, entertaining, profoundly insightful and powerfully inspirational.
The hundred plus businessmen that attended could not stop talking about it. 
Thank you tremendously." 
- James Preston, The St. Joseph Men's Club

"As a physician I warn you --- Bill’s unflagging sense of humor is contagious --- he’ll make you laugh until you’re sick." 
- Dr. Carl Guarino

"You’re the best speaker ever… we never expected a Harrison Ford look-a-like!" 
- Cindy Bosnyak, Speaker Coordinator, JP Perry Insurance

"Your interview on my TV show was an inspiration. None of my viewers will forget your account of the mishaps, challenges, calamities, and illnesses that you have survived but surely would have killed a lesser mortal. You have a natural stage presence, a polished way of expressing yourself, and a personal warmth that radiates to everyone who meets you.
What’s more, you are a thorough professional. 
I hope you do a lot more television." 
- Dr. Steve Goldstein, TV Host "We The People"

"Entertaining, provocative and inspirational, Lt. Commander Goss’ unique insights and stories will provide your organization with the tangible lessons you need to increase your bottom line." 
- CDR Rick Packer

"Thirty Near-Death Experiences Make Good Reading."
- Syracuse Herald American

"Please buy this book before something else happens to Bill Goss."
- Dave Barry, Syndicated Columnist

"Dear Bill --- Jeb sent us a copy of your book --- Barbara and I can't wait to read it."
- President George Bush, Sr.

"If that which does not kill a man only makes him stronger, then you’re about to meet Hercules. Goss died in 1990, but he got over it….
Meet the guy caught in a custody battle between the Grim Reaper and Lady Luck."
- MAXIM Magazine, April 1999

"He Has Nine Lives: Man Survives Blast, Cancer, Mishaps"
- The Wisconsin Leader-Telegram

"Bill Goss is The Luckiest Unlucky Man Alive"
- The Northwest Arkansas Times

"Call Him Lucky"
- Chicago Tribune

"Former Navy pilot the Luckiest Unlucky Man Alive’" 
- Staten Island Advance

"Most people wonder what happens to us after we die. Former U.S. Navy pilot knows."
- Weekly World News

"Unlucky man is lucky to be alive…Bill Goss has been near death 30 times in his 44 years."
- San Francisco Examiner

"The title of Bill Goss' book says it all: THE LUCKIEST UNLUCKY MAN ALIVE.   Goss has survived 30 close calls in as many years."
- The New Jersey Star Ledger

"Unlucky Man Makes Silk Purse Out of Lost Ear!"
- The Tampa Tribune

"If you are interested in adventure, hilarity, flying, old volvos, relationships, insights, cancer, explosions, infertility, out-of-body experiences, snakes, inspiration, malignant melanoma, aircraft carriers, family, flying squirrels, plastic surgery, submarines, friendship, medicine, survival… to name a few --- 
- Greg Miller, Captain, USN

"Great Escapes: The Luckiest Unlucky Man Has a Tale to Tell."
- The Seattle Times

"An especially rewarding read for anyone facing life-threatening and career-ending situations."
- The Florida Times-Union

"Bill Goss wrote THE LUCKIEST UNLUCKY MAN ALIVE so that his children would be able to read about him if he succumbed to cancer."
- The St. Petersburg Times

Man’s Dance’s With Death Leave Him Feeling Lucky"
- The Las Vegas Review-Journal

"Trained As A Pilot, Author Survives Falls in Life"
- The Detroit News

"Charmed Life? Navy Pilot Feels Lucky To Be Alive, 30 Times Over"
- The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Unluckiest Man Writes Book On Close Brushes With Grim Reaper"
- Times-Union Albany

Dancing With The Grim Reaper: Retired Pilot’s Book Recounts 30 Times in 30 Years"
- The Houston Chronicle

"Unlucky Man Tells Story of Nine Lives --- And Counting"
- The Palm Beach Post

"Ex-Navy Pilot Has Knack for Dodging Death"
- Florida Today

"He’s the Luckiest --- Or Perhaps Unluckiest --- Man Alive"
- Tallahassee Democrat

"Lucky or Not, Pilot Opens Life in Book"
- The Miami Herald

"Author Is Used To Close Shaves"
- The Sun Herald-Biloxi

"Dead Man Walking: Bill Goss Should Be Dead By Now"
- Bikini Magazine

"Yes, God Is Listening, Bill Goss"
- The Daily Word

"Bill Goss is the Man of Steel who simply refuses to die. A FASCINATING AND AMAZING BOOK!"
- Howard Stern

"Bill, Thank you for being a guest on The 700 Club program. 
Many people were blessed by your interview." 
- Show Coordinator, THE 700 CLUB

"The Luckiest Unlucky Man Alive is terrific and laced with humor."
- Wings Of Gold Magazine

"Bill Goss' guardian angel should get worker's compensation!"
- The Chattanooga Times

"Bill Goss is an internationally known motivational speaker and author of the highly acclaimed book, "The Luckiest Unlucky Man Alive. You can contact him at his website:"
- Studio Magazine
Used for teaching English to people in China

"Bill Goss has written the funniest and most inspiring book on how to kick cancer’s butt."
- Thomas Marsland, MD, Past President 
Florida Society of Clinical Oncology

"Bill's first brush with death came at age 9, when he got his head jammed in the bathroom sink and almost drowned…."
- Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"Just Call Him Lucky, But Don’t Risk Trading Places With Him"
- The Los Angeles Times

"For me, Bill’s story reminds me of Norman Cousins, the famous writer, who cured himself of cancer by laughing at funny movies."
- Actor Gary Burgoff 
aka Radar O’Reilly from M*A*S*H
PBS TV Special on Bill Goss

"Bill’s survived a live interview on Howard Stern AND The 700 Club….now that’s diversity."
- Director of Global Diversity
The Stanley Tool Works

"Bill, our meeting was successful because of input from people like yourself."
- Jackson Langford, Regional Marketing Director
American Skandia Marketing, Inc.

"Bill and Rocky…The true story of a Navy pilot battling cancer who discovers his greatest copilot of all is a pet flying squirrel."
- Tom Baldrick, Producer 
The Discovery Channel's Animal Planet

"Any man who may be asked what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: 
'I served in the United States Navy.' "
- President John F. Kennedy

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