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Below are some miscellaneous Bill Goss photos you may enjoy.

Speaker Bill Goss and Ted Nugent
Bill and Ted Nugent
SpeakerBill Goss and Denise Austin
Bill and exercise queen Denise Austin doing a radio show together
Speaker Bill Goss
Bill as a migrant worker in ABC movie THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD starring Halle Berry
Speaker Bill Goss
Bill as a cop in LONELY HEARTS, starring John Travolta, Salma Hayek, Jared Leto and James Gandolfini
Speaker Bill Goss and May May Ali
Muhammad Ali's daughter, May May, and keynote speaker Bill Goss at a speaking event in Orlando
Bill Goss and Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren and Bill Goss onboard nuclear aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson
Speaker Bill Goss and Joe Frazier
Bill Goss and former world heavyweight boxing champion Joe Frazier (now deceased)
Speaker Bill Goss and Fran Dresher
With actress "The Nanny" Fran Dresher when both were guests with Robert Urich in Los Angeles 
Speaker Bill Goss in movie ALEXANDER
Colin Farrell, Dick Crowley, and Bill Goss as Macedonian warriors in ALEXANDER (This scene in the movie was shot in Thailand on the Mekong River)
Bill Goss piloting P3 down Amazon River

Bill Goss piloting a P3 Orion aircraft down the Amazon River on the way to Rio.

Keynote speaker Bill Goss with Bob Dole
Bill Goss as a guest speaker in Las Vegas with Bob Dole at America Pharmacy Association Convention.
Bill Goss and Brian Goss at site of 9-11 attack
Taking son Brian to the site of the attack on 9-11 in NYC
F18 breaking sound barrier
FA-18 Hornet breaking Sound Barrier
Keynote speaker Bill Goss and Admiral Kevin Delaney
Bill Goss at a speaking event with Admiral Kevin Delaney, one of the world's greatest guys
Keynote speaker Bill Goss in California
Bill Goss speaking at the Scripps Institute in La Jolla, California
Keynote Speaker Bill Goss in Orlando
Bill Goss speaking at FATA in Orlando
Keynote speaker Bill Goss
Bill Goss speaking to Ritz-Carlton in Cancun
Keynote speaker Bill Goss
Bill Goss speaking to Ritz-Carlton in Jamaica 
Keynote speaker Bill Goss and Dave Barry
With Humorist Dave Barry, who endorsed Bill's first book THE LUCKIEST UNLUCKY MAN ALIVE
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