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The books below
 are authored by
Bill Goss:

Below book published by Atria Books, a division of Simon and Schuster

Click here to read    Chapter One:        GOING SUPERSONIC

Bill's books have been featured in Maxim, Reader's Digest, The
Daily Word, The London Sun and other nationally
distributed publications
 around the world.

Bill flying a U.S. Navy P3 Orion down Amazon River

Bill and Ted Nugent

 Bill and exercise queen Denise Austin doing a radio show together

Bill as a migrant worker in
ABC movie THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD starring Halle Berry

Bill as a cop in LONELY HEARTS, starring John Travolta, Salma Hayek, Jared Leto and James Gandolfini

Bill Goss, Ralph Lauren on USS Carl Vinson

Bill Goss and former world heavyweight boxing champion Joe Frazier (now deceased)

Colin Farrell, Dick Crowley, and Bill Goss as Macedonian warriors in ALEXANDER (This scene in the movie was shot in Thailand on the Mekong River)

Muhammad Ali's daughter, May May, and Bill at a speaking event in Orlando.

With actress Fran Dresher, "The Nanny" when both were guests with Robert Urich in Los Angeles.


























































  Bill Goss: Keynote Speaker, Author, Consultant, Exclusive Coach
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Here are some YouTube video links featuring Bill Goss:

       As you approach the last half or last third of your life, Bill Goss wants you to ask yourself a few simple questions.

      On a professional level are you financially successful, but on a personal level are you seeking greater happiness and fulfillment...guaranteed?

     If the answer is "YES", you may want to learn more about Bill Goss.

     Bill Goss is a keynote speaker and author who also works, on an exclusive case by case basis, with professional people who want greater happiness and fulfillment in their personal lives...guaranteed.

        Given the moniker "Mr. Lucky" by The London Sun and "The Unconventional Wisdom Winner" by The Washington Post, Bill Goss is a unique and inspiring keynote speaker, writer, consultant, and exclusive personal coach whether on television, radio, or in front of a live audience... or simply in front of an audience of one: YOU. 

        Bill Goss is a former U.S. Navy pilot with an MBA who also completed post-graduate studies at Harvard Business School. He  is a real-life survivor of multiple brushes with near-death and disaster, yet he and his family are remarkably healthy, happy and fulfilled.  Their upbeat life's story is something you just have to hear to believe.  When you listen to Bill Goss, you might discover something important about your own life and career... you might discover just how lucky you are too.  And this newfound knowledge, on the deepest of levels, can help you find greater happiness and fulfillment for the rest of your life.

       Focused and knowledgeable on how you and possibly other members of your organization can attain greater happiness, health, and fulfillment, Bill Goss has been a featured guest on major television and radio shows throughout North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Israel, Germany and Jamaica, including ABC, NBC, PBS and the BBC.   Bill's life story has been featured in READERS DIGEST, the world's most widely read magazine, as well as a 6 page feature story in MAXIM Magazine

He's the only person known to have survived an appearance on both THE 700 CLUB and THE HOWARD STERN SHOW.  He has also been feature in WINGS OF GOLD , the U.S. Navy's premier aviation publication and in a variety of other major print media including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. 

     Bill Goss has written and had published six books: THE LUCKIEST UNLUCKY MAN ALIVE, THERE'S A FLYING SQUIRREL IN MY COFFEE, PEARLS OF WISDOM, PEARLS OF HOPE, PEARLS OF HAPPINESS, and PEARLS OF LOVE.  He has contributed in the writing of many other books and feature newspaper and magazine stories.  Bill has also written a novel and three screenplays. 

      Bill is currently working on two new books: FINDING GREATER HAPPINESS AND FULFILLMENT IN THE LAST THIRD OF YOUR LIFE and another book titled: THE LIFE BALANCE SOLUTION.
As a featured keynote speaker, Bill Goss has motivated, educated and inspired audiences around the world including organizations as diverse as the following list: 
The Walt Disney Company,  Century 21 Real Estate, Nissan Motors Corporation, Metlife, Cancer Health Treatment Centers, The British Broadcasting Network (BBC), The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, The American Fighter Aces Association, EDS, Ritz-Carlton Hotels (spoke in Jamaica), The American Auto Glass Association, The Department of Defense, the US Navy's test pilot squadron VX-1, Equifax, The National Association of Community Pharmacists (where he was a featured speaker with Bob Dole), The National Association of Government Comptrollers (twice), American Cancer Society, Prudential, Life Care Centers of America, The United States Chamber of Commerce, The New Jersey Association of Government Accountants, World Headquarters of Stanley Tools, Aventis Pharmaceutical, Scripps Institute La Jolla, American Skandia Marketing Inc., The Young Entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley, Barnes and Noble, The University of Washington, Health Screen America, The Young Onset Parkinson's Association, The American Melanoma Foundation, Metabolic Research Centers, Lincoln Financial Group, and for Ritz-Carlton Hotels, American Airlines, Conseco Travel,  Berkshire Life Ins. Co. of America, ValMark Securities, Alliance Life Insurance Company,  Modis Information Technologies, ING Bank, LIMRA International, Allstate Insurance Company, ALFAC, Federated Insurance Company, Pacific Life Insurance Company, St. Paul Companies, AXA Client Solutions, Chubb and Son, Marion Carl Educational Foundation (where Bill spoke to 2300 Oregon high school students, teachers, and parents), Women's Center of Jacksonville/Bosom Buddies, John Hancock Life Insurance Company, Southside Businessmen's Club, Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), CitiCard/CitiGroup, Space Labs, American United Life Insurance, U.S. Oncology, and the commencement address to Saint Leo University.


                    Bill - and his copilot Rocky the Flying Squirrel  - featured on ANIMAL PLANET.

  Chuck Yeager and keynote speaker Bill Goss

Bill Goss was a keynote speaker at the American Fighter Aces Association (AFAA) reunion at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.   The photo above is of Bill Goss at the reunion with General Chuck Yeager, the first man to break the sound barrier.

Besides being an inspiring keynote speaker, Bill Goss has also been in 6 feature movies.  In March 2016, Bill Goss will be appearing in a Civil War based movie, THE FREE STATE OF JONES, starring Matthew McConnaughey.  In the past, Bill Goss has played a Navy SEAL in G.I. JANE with Demi Moore and Viggo Mortensen.  Then he went to Thailand to play a Macedonian warrior in Oliver Stone's ALEXANDER starring Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, and Val Kilmer.  Next Bill played an migrant worker picking cucumbers with Halle Berry  in the Oprah Winfrey produced movie THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD. Then Bill Goss played a cop being questioned by John Travolta and James Gandolfini (aka Tony Soprano) with Salma Hayek in LONELY HEARTS.   You can also see Bill with actor Kevin Spacey in the HBO movie RECOUNT. 


Bill's book THERE'S A FLYING SQUIRREL IN MY COFFEE: Overcoming Cancer With the Help of My Pet was published by Simon and Schuster.  It received excellent reviews from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, New Jersey Star-Ledger, Atlanta Journal, Dallas Morning News, to name a few.

     Bill's first book, THE LUCKIEST UNLUCKY MAN ALIVE: A Wild Ride Overcoming Great Challenges... and How You Can Too also received acclaim and was featured on the television show EXTRA!

Bill Goss has also worked as a freelance writer and photojournalist for with millions of active member-readers stationed around the world. Bill's story was featured throughout Europe on TF1, on a TV show titled "Incroyable Mais Vrai" which translates from French to English as "Incredible But True" and Bill was featured throughout Scotland, England, and Ireland as person knowledgeable on luck for the British Broadcasting Network (BBC).

Do you want a former U.S. Navy pilot - highly knowledgeable on overcoming adversity, resilience, empathy, fulfillment, and luck - to show you how you can use your setbacks as a set up for a come back?

Do you want to meet a skilled speaker/coach/consultant
who can entertain, educate and inspire you and your team - someone to leave you feeling personally and professionally fulfilled - someone who can leave you feeling like you are one of the luckiest people alive?
Do you want a funny and powerfully inspiring keynote speaker
to deliver a unique new message that will motivate and supercharge your group - a speaker who will tailor a speech specifically for your audience and who will personally inscribe one of his highly acclaimed books with a special message just for you?

Bill Goss (second from the left) was an extra in GI JANE with actress Demi Moore, a fictionalized feature movie about the first female Navy SEAL.  Here's a shot at one of the U.S. Navy's P-3 Orion flight simulators with some actors from GI JANE who got to fly it.  From the left, actor James Caviezel (Jim played Jesus in THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST); Retired U.S. Navy pilot Lt. Commander Bill Goss, actor David Vadim (AIR FORCE ONE); unknown; and the great actor Viggo Mortensen who played Aragorn Stryder in THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

Bill's life story is also featured in the following books:
Secrets of Superstar Speakers  (McGraw-Hill)
Earth Angels
 (Broadway Books/Bantam Doubleday)
Cancer Combat  (Bantam Doubleday)
Rudy and Friends  (Legacy)
In Pursuit of Success  (Friedman/Fairfax)
Daily Word for Healing  (Rodale Press)
Cancer Has Its Privileges  (Berkley/Penguin Putnam)
The Wonderful Thing About Pets  (Rodale Press)
Aging Is Not An Option (Ageless Publications)
Hole-In-One: The Book About Golf's Luckiest Shot  (Andrews McMeel)
How To Position Yourself As the Obvious Expert (MasterMind Publishing)
Breakfast at Bucks (McNiven Press)

Bill also had stories published in two New York Times bestsellers listed below:

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul
Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul

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 Now a Vice Admiral, here's Captain Mark Fox, USN and Lt. Commander Bill Goss, USN (Ret) at lunch at the White House.

Bill Goss (left) and Dick Crowley (right) as Macedonian warriors in the movie, ALEXANDER, with award winning film producer of THE HUNGER GAMES, Jon Kilik, on the Mekong River overlooking Laos and Cambodia.  Dick and Jon are some of Bill's longtime friends from their days together as kids growing up in Millburn-Short Hills, New Jersey.

Bill and Rocky on the Discovery Channel's ANIMAL PLANET. 
Bill's book, THERE'S A FLYING SQUIRREL IN MY COFFEE: Overcoming Cancer With the Help of My Pet, published by Simon and Schuster is available at

"In the book, There's a Flying Squirrel In My Coffee, Bill Goss pokes fun at himself
 and has such an infectious love of flying and animals that readers
 will inevitably root for him to beat every obstacle in his path."
--- Publishers Weekly

"In solid homespun prose, inspirational speaker and melanoma survivor Bill Goss offers wisdom gleaned from his battle against cancer....advice of enduring quality."
--- Kirkus Reviews



Bill and Rocky were featured in the above issue of Reader's Digest magazine in a four page story
 that went out to 50 million Americans and was translated into 19 languages
and distributed in 60 countries.


”Only in American can you read a book about a flying squirrel helping a Navy pilot overcome cancer.”

     Steve Dale, Tribune Media Services

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution     

To read a newspaper article on Bill Goss click here:
Florida Times-Union

(Below) Here are some family shots of Bill and Peggy with their twin children, Christie and Brian.  If part of parenting is coaching for professional and personal success and fulfillment, Bill has a pretty good track record. Daughter Christie graduated with honors from Florida State University in Tallahassee and now works for Florida Healthy Kids where she earned the 2014 Employee of the Year.  Son Brian graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, where he earned a Rotary International Ambassadorial scholarship (he was also awarded a Fulbright Scholarship) earning a Masters degree with Distinction from the University of Cambridge, outside London, England.  Brian is now a U.S. Navy fighter pilot flying FA-18F Super Hornets out of Naval Air Station Oceania, Virginia and beyond.

FA-18F Super Hornet doing low flyby in Australia

(Above) Peggy, Brian, Bill, and Christie, at Brian's graduation from University of Cambridge.

Bill, Christie, Peggy, and Brian, in front of the mystical Stonehenge, England.

A proud Goss family at Brian's Navy pilot winging ceremony.

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